Engineering Insurance

AL-Manara Insurance Company recognizes the importance of providing services in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and jordanian interest worldwide.

Jordan needs a highly specialized insurance coverage which is required by contracting companies engaged in buildings , roads , bridges , Tunnels , and other constructions.

Engineering insurance relates to policies providing covers for the following types:

  • Contractors All Risks (CAR)
  • Contractors Insurance policies cover the property such as buildings , bridges , dams , towers …etc

    during the construction and maintenance period. against accidental loss or damage.

    Legal liability arising out of property damage or bodily injury suffered by third parties and occurring in connection with the contract works on or near the building site.

  • Erection All Risks
  • This type of Engineering Insurance offers the same type of Contractors All Risks protection as

    for CAR , but is more adapted to erection exposures of machinery plant and steel structures.

    Third party liability is included to the same extent of CAR.

  • Contractors plant and Machinery
  • AL-Manara Insurance CO. Contractors` plant And machinery All Risks Insurance policy cover the item ( plant and machinery) when they suffer any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause not specifically excluded.

    AL-Manara Insurance CO, will indemnify the insured of such loss by payment in cash , replacement or repair.

  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment such as computers, laptops , digital cameras , video cameras …etc are very valuable and sensitive items . They are exposed to damages in various ways in addition to other consequential losses following such damage.

    AL-Manara Insurance Co. Electronic Equipment Insurance policy covers , whether the insured item are at work or at rest , being dismantled for cleaning , in course of Sub- Sequent re-erection.

    This insurance policy has a number of cover sections. These sections may be covered in whole or seach ection alone . The covers are as follows:

    • Material Damage
    • External Data Media
    • Increased Cost of Working
    • Machinery Breakdown Insurance:
    • Although periodic maintenance is usually carried out, machinery and plant being used in the cold storage, Food processing and other similar type of industries are always exposed to risks of breaking down due to unforeseen and sudden causes . These could be electrical mechanical or others. While in some cases repairs can be minor, there are times when large parts of such machinery are effected necessitating unbearable repairs or replacements costs.

      AL-Manara Insurance Co. Provides suitable policies to cover losses or damages to Electrical or mechanical machinery, Process plant and equipment in factories from causes such as defects in casting and material, faulty design, bad workmanship, physical explosion, tearing apart on account of centrifugal force, short circuit, vibration, mal-adjustment, misalignment etc.

  • Decennial Liability Insurance
  • AL-Manara Insurance Company's Decennial liability Policy provides coverage against Contractor's liability to pay for losses notified to the Insurers during the period of insurance arising from total or partial collapse, structural defects due to faulty design, faulty workmanship or material during the period of 10 years after completion of the project.

    This insurance should be requested in advance prior to the commencement of the construction works whereby the Insurer would appoint a consultant to look over the project details from commencement to completion.

  • Boiler Explosion Insurance
  • Damage (other than by fire) to insured plant and other property belonging to the Insured i.e. boilers and pressure vessels under steam and air pressure.

    Legal liability for:

    • Death of or bodily injury to any person not engaged in and upon the service of the Insured under a contract of service or apprenticeship.
    • Damage (other than by fire) to property held by the insured in trust or on commission or for which the Insured is responsible.
    • Damage to property not belonging to the Insured consequent upon explosion or collapse of the insured plant.
  • Deterioration of Stock Insurance
  • Frozen goods are subject to being stored under given temperature status. A rise in temperature can be harmful to such stock. Stock such as ice creams, meat, chicken vegetables and others items of trade need to be protected at all times. Available to protect losses resulting from damage to goods due to unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to machinery serving the cold stores is the deterioration of stock Insurance.

    AL-Manara Insurance Co. offers Deterioration of Stock Insurance Policies which provide coverage against damages to losses resulting from deterioration of goods in cool or cold stores or controlled atmosphere stores resulting from indemnifiable breakdown of refrigerating machinery including damage due to escape of refrigerants, rise or fall in cooling temperature and incorrect composition of controlled storage atmosphere.


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